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Cad Cam Internship We Offer

Design is the heart of any process, an idea that begins in the mind of an engineer is then translated onto a software and with the increase in usage of CAD/CAM software it becomes necessary for students to get a hold of it. While learning through our courses, a student using the footsteps of our experts creates something brand new which further brought forth into the world. That’s why Design engineers are artists of engineering.

Different Courses one will find here at Digitalshakha in CAD/CAM:
Civil CAD

It includes specialization in Interior design, Building-design, Designs of parks, bridges, everything which includes construction. Architecture of any great building comes with a thought and a creative application. We train our students to have their own creative edge towards their designs.

Mech CAD

It includes specialization in machine design, machine parts, automobiles, gears, chains etc. Everything you see around mechanically is designed before come into production. Here at Digitalshakha we train our students to excel every hurdles which comes during designing of machines.

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